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Best Alternative to Winx DVD Ripper | More than a DVD Ripper

2022-06-10 / Ryo

best alternative to winxdvd

When compared to the situation just around 10 to 15 years ago, the use of DVDs has dwindled by a huge count. Since the discs are prone to mechanical damage, and that can make the disc unreadable. If you are facing any such issues with your discs, or want to prevent your discs from getting damaged, opting for the right tool can prove to be an efficient option.

WinX DVD Ripper Review – A Perfect DVD Ripper tool

WinX DVD Ripper free edition is one of the excellent DVD Ripper Windows 10 programs, and it lets you rip your DVDs into any of the mainstream video formats. With the support for the multiple mainstream video formats apart, you can also have access to the device-specific pre-sets as well that can help you convert your DVDs into the profiles that work best with your preferred devices and platforms.

The free DVD Ripper for Windows 10 offers you excellent backward compatibility that further makes it one of the prominent options to go with. The software is more focussed on DVD Ripping capability alone and does not come with any other features and functionality. The easy to use interface and a dark grey color make sense in providing you with an enhanced and simplified performance.

You can get access to an enhanced experience in ripping and backing up your DVDs. You can get access to over 350 different profiles specific to multiple devices. You can clone DVD to ISO or MPEG2 for your needs in a perfect DVD ripping requirements.

Ripping your DVD can be a very simple and easy to follow option with WinX DVD Ripper. You can pick your video file source in different ways – the disk, image and folder. You can even pick the option to select the device automatically based on your disc. You can even use it to rip DVD to ISO.

WinX DVD Ripper

You can pick between Main Title copy or Full disc copy options as per your preferences. Some of the features offered by the platform can include

  • Hardware acceleration

  • CPU Core usage

  • Safe mode operation

  • High-quality engine

As for support, you get access to email support alone. There is no phone or live chat support option available.

Best WinX DVD Ripper Alternative – DVDFab DVD Ripper

One of the excellent alternatives to WinX DVD Ripper that we can think of is DVDFab DVD Ripper. One of the best and perfect DVDs ripping solutions, it can rip and convert your DVDs into any of the prime mainstream formats. You can even use it for converting your video files into audio. It does work seamlessly with Enlarger AI to help you improve the video clarity of the output video.

Some worthy features of the tool include

  • Ability to rip DVD into any format – You can convert your DVD disc, ISO folder or file into mainstream formats that include practically all formats in a device-specific setting to help you convert your files with ease. It can also help you rip DVD to ISO.

  • Option to extract metadata – DVDFab DVD Ripper can extract the metadata from the DVDs and apply it to the output video. This can be a great option that helps you media players organise your media files easily.

  • Quicker conversion – DVDFab DVD Ripper has been known to have an excellent set of features when it comes to providing you with a faster ripping capability. Technologies such as multicore, multithreading and advanced technologies such as NVIDIA CUDA as well as Intel Quick Sync can enhance the speed to a considerable extent.

Besides ripping DVD, It could also rip Blu-ray with the its Blu-ray ripping feature.

How to Rip DVD with DVDFab DVD Ripper?

The steps involved in converting your DVDs or ripping them is made simple with the easy to use interface and a seamless integration of different parameters.

Step 1 – Install and launch the software

DVDFab DVD Ripper forms part of the DVDFab Suite and can be accessed through the Ripper tab. Insert your DVD, and the software will detect it.


Step 2 – Perform customisation

Pick your device-specific or other requirements by clicking on the appropriate video format. You can even adjust a wide range of different parameters as well. You can also pick the option Choose other titles to include other titles apart from the main movie.

Pick your device

Step 3 – Begin DVD Ripping

You can choose the output folder and then choose the START option to begin ripping your DVD.

dvd ripping

As can be seen from the WinX DVD Ripper review above, DVDFab doubles up as a great choice with a vast set of features and options. It provides you access to a great deal of options that include Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator, making it a full-fledged solution ever.

It also packs in a wide range of other advanced features in contrast to WinX DVD Ripper free edition. High-end technologies for acceleration and a faster conversion speed can be one of the prime features we found impressive. Support for 3D content is yet another huge plus point.

Why is DVDFab DVD Ripper More than a DVD Ripper?

DVDFab DVD Ripper can be your best bet for more than just a DVD ripping solution and makes it a perfect WinX DVD Ripper alternative. In addition to providing you with the best possible DVD ripping solution, it does provide you access to a wide range of other advanced features.

Why would we call it more than a DVD ripper? We have our very own reasons –

It can also work as a DVD Decrypter

The software comes with a built-in DVD decryption service. That would make it one of the prime DVD Ripper services without the need for an enhanced option for the DVD decrypter software separately. It can help you get rid of a wide range of DVD encryption services.

Some of the DVD protection protocols that it can control can include

  • Region code – The protection is designed to provide control over price and availability of the DVD.

  • Region Code enhanced – This is the advanced version of the region code and provides better control over DVDs and the regions where they can be played

  • Content Scramble system – Known as CSS, this is a DRM protection protocol

  • User Operation Prohibition (UOP) – Yet another DRM protection that prohibits the user from performing a few actions on the DVD

  • Sony ARccOS protection – This is a copy protection protocol designed developed by Sony

  • CPRM decryption —This tool could easily decrypt CPRM as a easy to use CPRM decrypter.

Those apart, DVDFab DVD Ripper can also control and decrypt the other copy protection protocols such as CPRM/CPPM, High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, FairPlay and Analog Protection System. It can thus be your best bet to rip DVD to computer. That makes DVDFab the right choice to rip copy protected DVD.

Video editor

video editor

DVDFab DVD Ripper provides you access to a few basic video editing capabilities as well. The software comes with an inbuilt non-linear video editor as part of the tool. Some of the features that DVDFab DVD Ripper can provide you would include

  • An ability to add an intro to your videos in a professional environment

  • Add closing credits in a studio styled environment

  • Add background music as per your liking

  • You can even add titles and subtitles with special effects

  • Merge, copy or trim your videos

DVD Audio extractor

The ability to extract audio files from DVDs is yet another enhanced option that DVDFab DVD Ripper can provide you access to. It can extract audio from your DVDs and convert it to your favourite audio formats.

This DVD audio extractor feature can be helpful in letting you convert your audio to a mainstream format that can be played on mobile phones, mainstream audio devices and home theatre. Lossless audio extraction can make it one of the prime options we found on it, making it a perfect tool to extract audio files from DVD. It can be your best answer if you are trying to discover how to rip audio from DVD.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, WinX DVD Ripper free edition is one of the prime options for most of your needs in an improved and enhanced and best DVD ripping software ever. However, given the fact that

DVDFab DVD Ripper offers more functionality than just ripping your DVDs, we would indeed consider DVDFab to be offering a great choice, including helping you in how to rip audio from DVD or rip DVD to computer.

While WinX DVD Ripper can be the right choice, we would treat DVDFab DVD Ripper an advanced option with a massive set of features and functionalities among the best DVD ripping software.