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Best MKV Ripper in 2020 to Rip DVD to MKV

2022-06-10 / Ryo


As you noticed, the most dominant video extension files are .mkv and .mp4. Both of them support high quality videos and they are containers that contain video and audio codecs, subtitles and they are not video compression formats. These two have many clear strenghts and it`s difficult to say which is the best. MP4 file has a smaller size and it is widely supported, viable to stream it to a Web browser. MKV file is more popular and supports more codecs when converting DVDs / Blu- Rays disc to video files and that means a better quality. In this article you will learn about:

  • Which is the best MKV ripper
  • How to rip a DVD to MKV
  • How to rip a DVD to MP4

1. Best 3 Ways to Rip DVD to MKV

Before showing how to rip a DVD to MP4, or how to rip a DVD to MKV, you need to know which is the best MKV ripper. Bellow is a summarized list of the best DVD ripping software programs. For creating this short list we tried many softwares in order to figure out which is the best way to rip a DVD to MKV.

1.DVDFab DVD Ripper

This MKV Ripper program is a very powerful, quick, versatile DVD ripping software and it is easy to use. It can read all kinds of DVD discs, ISOs and folders and the conversion speed is amazing. This is the best tool when it comes to rip a DVD to MKV or rip a DVD to MP4 or in another formats, playable on many devices.

You can control the audio tracks, subtitles and can change all audio and video parameters to get the best output possible. Not to mention that the quality is crystal-clear. You can rip a DVD to MP4 without quality loss. DVDFab DVD Ripper isn`t free of charge, but its DVD ripping component is. It has a 30-day full trial and at the end of it, you can continue to use the free version with limited features. This is available for Apple and Windows alike.



This is a conversion freeware and the features are perfect for beginners and intermediate users alike. This tool allows you to decrypt and convert any video from any format to a widely supported codes. This DVD MKV ripper works perfect in order to rip a DVD to MKV / rip a DVD to MP4 and it is an open source, too. It can be used by Windows, Apple and Linux users.



MakeMKV is a free DVD MKV ripper, but it also works like a Blu-ray MKV ripper. It is a small application because the focus is only on MKV files. Yet, is very effective when it comes to rip a DVD to MKV and it can be used even by less experienced users. Even if you are not using a disc, a DVD can be loaded into this software an then turn it into an MKV file. Please note that this DVD MKV ripper is in beta but it works great when you want to rip a DVD to MP4 or MKV. You can rip DVD to MKV on Windows, even on Apple.


2. Step by Step Guide on How to Rip DVD to MKV

How to rip a DVD to MKV? Please follow the steps below to learn how to rip DVD to MKV video file, through the DVD MKV ripper: DVDFab DVD Ripper

Step 1 – Download and install

Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper on you PC. Note that DVDFab DVD Ripper is an integral part of DVDFab 11. This means, that the whole suite will be downloaded, in order to rip DVD to MKV.

Step 2 – Select & Insert

Select “Ripper” module. Once you`ve selected the DVD, in order to rip DVD to MKV, click on the "+” icon, in case that for some reason doesn`t recognize it automatically.


Step 3 – Get ready to rip DVD to MKV

How to rip DVD to MKV? This is the best MKV ripper, so this process is like riding a bike. After you DVD is recognized, locate the wrench icon on the top right of the interface and click on “Common Settings”.


After this, another drop-down list will appear and to the right of it you have to locate and click on “Profiles”, then choose “Set profiles to DVD”.


Another menu will pop up. Click “change”, select MKV format for output and you are ready to rip DVD to MKV. For a better viewing experience, you can specify different default profile for mobile and home theaters. You can choose if you want to rip DVD to MKV in high quality, but with a relative slow speed or to rip DVD to MKV with a lossless video quality but with the fastest speed.


Of course, if you set this to default, next time the DVD MKV ripper will remember these settings and you will be able to take the shortest path. Once the DVD is recognized, you only have to make one click, in order to rip a DVD to MKV like in the image bellow.

Step 4 – The finish line: Rip DVD to MKV

Click the green button “Start” and you are ready to go. The ripping process doesn`t need much time, so you will enjoy the capabilities of this DVD MKV ripper faster than you imagined.


See how easy is to how to rip a DVD to MKV? This is the best DVD to MKV ripper solution for what you need. Now let`s dive in an adjacent subject.

3. Extension: How to Rip DVD to Other Formats?

How to rip DVD to MP4?This is also a question asked by many.

Instead of rip a DVD to MKV, perhaps you want to rip a DVD to MP4. Nothing easier than this. Even in this case, we will use the same DVD MKV ripper. Just follow the sames steps until you reach “Common Settings”. From there you need to choose the MP4 format from “Filter” . Besides, you can decide what bits you need and so on. There are many options in the Filter menu, available even when you want to rip a DVD to MKV.

DVDFab DVD Ripper is a very versatile DVD Ripping software. Besides serving as a good DVD MKV Ripper, you can convert any type of videos in any format, like .MOV, .AVI, .FLV, . WMV ,.MOV depending what you want to do. Besides, we picked the top 4 DVD ripping software to help you rip DVD easily and professionally, you could check it out for more info.

The developers of DVDFab didn`t stopped here. If you are looking for a Blu- Ray MKV ripper, this is the best way to convert your Blu-Ray. The steps are similar, instead of inserting a DVD, you will insert your Blu-Ray. Nothing more, nothing less.

4. Conclusion

The article shows 3 different softwares in order to rip a DVD to MKV and the best MKV ripper in 2020 which is DVDFab DVD Ripper. In a sense, MKV is more future-proof compared to MP4 with his higher audio quality and the other features packed into it, but in the same time it is difficult to say which one is better. Also, you saw how to rip a DVD to MKV and how to rip a DVD to MP4 or others files extensions. The presented software in this tutorial should be taken into consideration.