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Convert DVD to Apple Devices

2022-06-10 / Ryo

Nowadays, physical movies are fading. Everything is starting to digitize even if DVDs and Blu-rays aren't gone completely and you probably have some on your shelf.. As we already know, even Apple itself has removed the DVD drives from computers.

In this article, we will show you how to convert a DVD to iPad video, how to convert DVD to iPhone and the best DVD to Apple TV converter. Through DVDFab you will see how easy is to convert and rip a DVD or a Blu- ray on you Mac and how to transfer the copied discs on your Apple devices to watch them on the go. DVDFab is dedicated for both Windows and Mac users and they are providing excellent multimedia solutions. DVDFab is a professional toolkit that can digitalize your DVD or Blu-ray by converting them to ISO files and various video formats compatible with many devices.

Part 1. Can You Convert DVD to Apple Devices?

Plan 1: Convert DVD to iPad Video

Plan 2: Convert DVD to iPhone

Plan 3: Convert DVD to Apple TV

In this section, we will show you how to convert a DVD to iPad video, iPhone and Apple TV, the main step for these is to download DVDFab 11. This is a free DVD to iPhone converter and for all sorts of devices for 30 days and you can continue to use the program but with some limitations. No matter what plan you choose from the above, the process is similar and it is very easy to complete it, without any headaches and time consuming.

The download process will take very little time, so you can explore this ideal DVD to iPad converter in an instant.

After you will install the software on your Mac, you can start converting DVD movies to iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. You decide what you need.

Step 1

Select “ Ripper ” module, then load your desired DVD.


Step 2

The DVD will be recognized and now you must click on the “ Choose Other Profile ”, in order to choose the device you want.

Choose Other Profile

Step 3

How to convert a DVD to iPad video? Nothing much easier. You are a few clicks away. Go at the top of the menu, click “ device ”, then select Apple. You will see many different presets available. Choose your type of devices . You can convert DVD to iPhone, convert the DVD to Apple TV or converting DVD movies to iPad.

Step 4

Don't close the menu if you want to customize your video. If you want to convert the DVD to 1080p you can go to the “ format ” section, then click on “ video ” and from there you can opt for what you need.


Step 5

You can customize even more your DVD before converting. You can decide how many MB will have, change the title name, select the chapters you want to keep, and check the audio tracks and subtitles you need. At the Subtitle part, you even can add external subtitles.


Step 6

Decide and select the output directory. At the bottom of the software interface you should see “ save to ”. Click the“ folder ”icon you can save the converted DVD movie to your computer or on a mobile device. This is how to convert a DVD to iPhone (in my case). Of course, you can start converting DVD movies to iPad or convert a DVD to Apple TV. It depends in what you want.

dvd to iPhone

You can transfer later the video to your iPad using an USB cable or using the free software DVDFab File Transfer. Through this cost-free software you can wirelessly transfer your converted MP4 files from your computer to your Apple devices. Just keep DVDFab Remote on your mobile device running and connected to DVDFab 11. When the conversion time will end, File Transfer will automatically start and the you can directly transfer your converted DVD. DVDFab is the most ideal DVD to iPad or any Apple device because DVDFab goes hand in hand with these and it is very intuitive, besides the fast processing speed.

DVDFab File Transfer

You are still asking how to convert a DVd to iPad video or any other devices? I hope not, because is just a piece of cake. I personally think that DVDFab is the best solution to convert a DVD to iPhone and other Apple devices, in order to enjoy my movies wherever I am.

Part 2. Convert DVD to Fit on Other Devices?

DVDFab 11 include all sorts of devices. The developers tried to expand to several important levels of technology. With DVDFab 11 not only you can convert a DVD to an iPhone but you can convert and transfer your DVD even on a HuaWei, Nokia phones or on a Kindle Fire, designed by Amazon. Kindle Fire allows you to read, but the most important thing is that you can watch videos for 7.5 hours.

So, here is a short list of others important compatible devices with DVDFab 11:

  • Nexus 10 , a tablet computer co-developed by Google and Samsung. You can watch your converted videos on the go

  • Pro PS4 from Sony goes Hand in Hand with DVDFab. Play at The PS4 does 4K games, AS Well AS 4K videos and HD Movies and Regular, Ordinary 3D Blu-Rays and DVDs

  • TV Live Media Player WD . This Little STREAMS Device 8GB Movie File wirelessly over your Home Network and IT IS compatible with DVDFab

These are my favorites because I own these things and I tried this software through them. It worked and I am really pleased with the results.

Part 3. Best Method to Watch 1080P Movie at Home for Cinema-like Experience!

Now that you`ve seen how to convert a DVD to iPad video through one of the best DVD to Apple TV convertor and others devices, it is time to move to another level. If you did convert DVD to 1080p maybe you want to see it on your TV, while relaxing on the sofa with a cup of popcorn in your hand.

Solution 1: DVDFab Player 6+a good TV (HDR 4K for example)

DVDFab developers created DVDFab Player 6 – an all-in-one Media Center that not only plays all the multimedia files on your local hard drives, but also manages all your media library efficiently by Poster Wall. Meanwhile, all the bells and whistles of its predecessor are inherited, such as the PC and TV playback modes respectively optimized for small and huge screens, the navigation menu support on DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

PC and TV playback modes

If you convert a DVD to Apple TV, you can use this player TV Mode for a cinema-like audio-visual experience on large-screen smart TVs, also compatible with the remote controls for Windows Media Center. You can play local digital content but instead of using the “+” button like you would do with the PC mode, you'll need to open ' My Computer ' menu instead. Use this menu to navigate to the hard disk or video library containing the movie you want to watch and then open it.

DVD to Apple TV

As I said, through DVDFab 11 you can convert a DVD to Apple TV and if you use the DVDFab player simultaneously you will definitely have an impeccable experience. Besides, you could also convert a Blu-ray to digital video formats to enjoy higher image qualiyt . I really recommend this binary process. Not to mention that DVDFab Player 6 can be used for free, but it also have a paid version with some extra features. You can decide what to do further.

 convert a Blu-ray to digital video formats

Solution 2: DVD to Blu-ray Converter+WIFI+Projector

Currently, we can use projector to project the video from mobile phone with WIFI connected to the projection screen or even a white wall. But if you want more…

Through DVDFab you can enhance the DVD quality to 1080p and project it to a big screen. So, you can convert a DVD to 1080p, in order to have a better experience when you will use the movie with a projector. You can copy a DVD to Blu-ray, as long as you have a BD-ROM. If you want to load the physical discs directly, please make sure you have enough available DVD drives to connect to your PC then insert the DVD discs into these drives. So, you can upscale a DVD to Blu-ray with a few clicks.


I hope that you learned how to convert a DVD to iPad video, how to convert a DVD to an iPhone and convert a DVD to Apple TV. The procedure is similar. The difference is in the device you want to use and in the desired video format. Indeed, DVDFab 11 is the ideal DVD to iPad converter and other devices that I mentioned in the article. Of course, you can discover much more. What I have stated here is only a brief introduction to DVDFab compatibility with other devices. Convert a DVD to an iPad on Mac is nothing easier than that.


DVDFab is like an all-inclusive hotel. It has it all at your disposal. DVDFab Player 6, including DVDFab 11 offers all the features you could ever imagine and actually need, beyond your expectations. Just try it for yourself. Moreover, if you are looking for other alaternative ways to convert a DVD to digital, here you can check out top 4 ways to rip a DVD .