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Don't tell me there's a way to save Hulu videos and make them available for watching forever? Thorough explanation of how to record and download Hulu videos easily.

2022-06-13 / Ryo

As one of the most popular VOD video streaming services, Hulu video is very popular. It's a great deal to be able to watch a wide variety of regular high definition videos for only about 1000 yen a month. Plus, you don't have the problem of limiting the number of devices you can register for your account like Nextflix. It is very convenient to use it.


On the other hand, there are some regulations like Netflix and other VOD services that are strictly limited to only online viewing. This is a mechanism introduced by VOD platforms to protect the copyrights of video works. So, it seems that the idea of recording or screen-catching Hulu videos to make the videos permanently yours is not acceptable.

However, with the tool introduced in this article, you can quickly and permanently save your Hulu videos. Let's take a look at how to use it as soon as possible.

I. Hindrance of saving Hulu videos - DRM and HDCP

1. summary of failed attempts to save Hulu videos

There are a number of attempts to save Hulu videos permanently through recording or downloading. There are three main ways.

You can use the download function in the official Hulu app to download Hulu videos and save them forever.

You can indeed download Hulu videos using the download feature in the official Hulu app, but the videos have a time limit for viewing. Generally, once the 30 days after downloading is filled, the downloaded videos will become unavailable for viewing.

Attempt to record online videos or downloaded videos from beginning to end using screen recording software on PC as they are played

Whether it is an online video or a downloaded video with a time limit, if you record it as it is playing, the video playback area will be black as you can see from the recording software. Even if you record the video, the resulting video will not be playable.

Record Hulu video with an external signal capture device that can capture the output signal

We have certainly heard of devices that can smoothly catch the signal source from gaming consoles like PS4, but until now, we have yet to hear of any capture or distribution device that can successfully capture the signal source of Hulu videos. Basically, it's impossible.

2. DRM and HDCP are hindrances to Hulu video preservation.

The reason why you can't permanently save Hulu videos via PC recording or download is because of the video copy protection technology called DRM, whose full name is Digital Rights Management. The full name of DRM is Digital Rights Management and it is a technology that can prevent unauthorized duplication of video content and protect copyrights.

The fact that DRM-covered video data turns black when recorded and becomes unwatchable after a certain time limit is a result of the DRM working behind the scenes.

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a copyright protection technology that aims to prevent unauthorized copying of digital content. It is mainly compatible with HDMI, DVI-D, and DisplayPort ports, and enables encryption of video and audio. HDCP encryption technology is the reason why Hulu videos cannot be captured by signal distribution devices and captchas.

This is where the special "StreamFab" comes into play, which can easily achieve permanent storage of Hulu videos.

Thoroughly explain the steps to record, download and permanently store Hulu videos with StreamFab


There are only three things you need to prepare in order to watch Hulu videos permanently with StreamFab.

  1. A Hulu account
  2. PC Software StreamFab
  3. Internet connection

Although it can be understood as a recording tool, StreamFab is actually more in the form of a high performance download tool because behind the scenes it is a tool that can automatically save Hulu videos.

Step1: Download StreamFab from the official website


Go to the official site and click the big "Free Download" button.

There is nothing special to note about the installation process. You can use your own settings.

Step2: Login Hulu with StreamFab


Switch to your streaming service on the left side of the main screen and click on the Hulu icon.

Then the official Hulu website will open from inside the software. Register your Hulu account from inside StreamFab.

When you select the video you want to watch and start to play it, a new window will pop up from StreamFab. Choose which episode you want to download there.

Step 3: Start downloading


Finally, click the "Download Now" button. By clicking "Add to Queue", you can make a list of your downloads so you can batch download them later.


In the open window of Hulu, click "Task Queue" in the upper right corner to see the list of videos waiting to be downloaded.


You can download all the videos in the queue by clicking "Download Now" at the bottom.


When the download is finished, the destination will open automatically. You can check the downloaded videos there.

You can also switch to the Exit tab to verify the downloaded videos from within StreamFab.

The process of downloading Hulu videos is pretty fast. When the video download is finished, you can open the video. You can watch them repeatedly without any limitation, just like general non-DRM video files.

Note: Since StreamFab is basically a paid product, it has a free quota, but it can only download 3 videos. So if you have a need to save Hulu videos all the time, it's better to use StreamFab as a paid product.

Hulu's Official Download Feature and Why You Need to Buy StreamFab

StreamFab is a tool that you can buy once and use forever, but it seems to be a bit expensive. Before deciding to buy it, it's probably best to understand the Hulu video usage restrictions in a little more detail.

1. You can't use Hulu Movie Downloader on PC

You can't use the official Hulu Movie download function on PC. In order to use the download feature, you need to use a mobile device: Androd or Apple phone, tablet, or Amazon Fire TV. If you use the official Hulu app on your phone, you will be able to use the built-in download feature.

2. You can keep your downloaded movies for up to 30 days.

Downloaded movies can only be stored on your computer for 30 days. After 30 days, it will be unavailable for viewing. Also, if you watch it without internet connection (offline), you can watch it only for 48 hours. When the internet comes back, you can watch it again.

3.There is an upper limit to the number of movies that can be downloaded.

You can only download up to 25 videos per account, and you can only download them on two devices.

You can also download up to 5 videos at the same time.

It is important to note that some videos are not available for download on the official app. Some video works can only be downloaded twice every year, which is moderately inconvenient.

4. The recording software can only catch pitch black videos.

Due to the DRM technology, if you use a recording software to record Hulu videos as they are played, you will only be able to save the pitch black ones. Also, due to the HDCP encryption, it is basically impossible to capture the signal through HDMI or other terminals.

With StreamFab, you can use your PC to save Hulu videos to your heart's content. There are other benefits as well.

  1. You can save and watch the downloaded videos permanently like YouTube videos without DRM. There is no time limit for watching.
  2. There is no limit to the number of videos you can download and the number of devices you can use to download Hulu videos.
  3. You can start a queue and download multiple videos at a time.
  4. You don't have to wait for the videos to finish playing naturally like PC recording software.
  5. In addition to Hulu, it supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Fanza and many other video streaming services.

For now, the limitation of watching Hulu videos is basically gone with StreamFab. It may seem like an expensive tool, but I think it will come in handy for video enthusiasts who have the need to replenish their video collection frequently.