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Twitter video summarizes the recommended tools for saving

2021-11-27 / Ryo

Twitter is not only for text, but also for uploading videos. If you find something you like, you might want to save it to your device. So here we will look at the recommended tools to save the videos uploaded on Twitter.

Is it possible to save a video on Twitter?

Twitter does have the ability to save images. But for videos.cannot be downloaded.The same is true for both apps and browsers. Video can not be saved in the app version is the same in the browser version. However, this is just that on the official site, you can not save.If you use other tools, you can save the video.

No problem for personal viewing.

The animation that I savedThere is no problem if you want to watch and enjoy it privately.Since January 2020, Twitter has applied a new set of terms of service. The new terms of service are effective from January 2020, and there is no provision for saving videos. So you don't have to worry about getting into trouble for downloading a video.

You need to be careful about copyright.

There is no problem at all for personal enjoyment, butHowever, the act which is caught in the copyright is prohibitedIt is prohibited. Specifically, you can't download a video from Twitter and upload it to another video sharing site. In addition, download videos that are distributed for a fee such as music videos, such as the act of spreading.Please be careful to keep it to your personal viewing only!.

How to save videos on iPhone

Let's first look at how to save Twitter videos for iPhone users. There are several ways to do this, so choose the one that's easiest for you.



Clipbox+ is a kind of view application, and it is recommended to use it easily at any time without membership registration.Tap "Search" → "Browser" in that order.and then tapType "Twitter" in the box at the top to search.and search.

Log in to Twitter, and when you find your favorite video, play it again with the embedded tweet displayed. When you do soYou'll see a "+" icon at the bottomand tap this icon. Specify the file name and save location, tap "OK", and you're done.



Dropbox is aCloud ServicesIt is a kind of You can save your Twitter videos here, and you can alsoYou can also share them and watch them on your phone, tablet, or computer.Once you're logged in, you'll get the video link. Once you're logged in, grab the video link and tap the share icon. When you doYou'll see a message that says, "Save to Dropbox.and tap on it. Then select "Dropbox" as the destination and tap the "Save" button in the upper right corner.

Tweak Clip


Twiclip isTwitter-specific, video player applicationfor Twitter. You don't need to log in, and the design is simple so you can operate it intuitively. You can get Twitter videos from the app, so it should be easy to save them. First, show the tweet with your favorite video embedded. ThenTap the share icon and select "Share" to appear.You will see a list of apps. A list of apps should appear, and choose "Twiclip" from the list.

Then, tapTap the "Set" buttonand tap the "Set" button.When Twiklip starts up, tap "Import video".to load the video. The app will play the video, so choose the quality and press and hold. You'll then seeSave" menuwill appear, select it, and the video will be downloaded automatically.


Official site:https://www.nurumayu.net/twidouga/gettwi.php


Twi-douga.How to save videos using a conversion tool calledYou can also First, access the Twi-douga site, and thenYou'll find a section that says "Paste copied URL herewhere you can paste the URL of your favorite video. Copy and paste the URL of your favorite video there. If you press and hold, you should be able to paste it. At the bottom left"Extract" buttonin the bottom left corner, so tap this button.

Then the URL "https://video.twimg.com/○○" should appear. If you press and hold this part, some menus will appear. At the bottom of the menu, you'll findTap the "Copy link URLat the bottom. Then, you can paste the URL to view the video anytime you want.

How to save Twitter video on Android

There must be many Android users, and there are various ways to save Twitter videos on Android. There are many ways to save Twitter videos on Android, and we've picked out some of the most popular tools that are easy to use.



Fubon isAn application that allows you to save tweets locallythat you can save tweets locally. You can save tweets in categories, so you can easily find the tweets you want to save.Display a tweet with your favorite video embedded, and tap the share iconand tap the share icon. You'll see "Fubon" in the menu.

After you approve the permissions, the Save Category dialog will appear, and you can select the category you want to save. Activate "Favorites" here and clickTap "Category selected for saving".You will see a message "Download permission". A message asking for permission to download will appear.Tap "OK".and the download will start.

To Peng


Tutto Penn isHighly customizable applicationIt is a highly customizable application. It is recommended if you want to set your own easy to use. The ease of use can be saved directly from the tweet screen can also be said to be one of the advantages.

First, start the app and play the video you want to save. ThenTap the "…" icon at the bottom of the screenat the bottom of the screen. You'll see a menu with several options.Tap "Save" to start saving automatically.The saving process will start automatically. You can save the file in such a simple step, so Android users should check it out.

How to save Twitter video on computer

Twitter can be viewed on your computer as well as on your phone. If you want to store the videos on your phone, you might be worried about the space. In that case, storing them on your computer is one way to do it. Let's take a look at some of the ways to do this.

Wondershare UniConverter

Official site:https://uniconverter.wondershare.co.jp/index-new.html

Wondershare UniConverter

With Wondershare UniConverter, you can save Twitter videos.It can convert videos and music in over 1,000 formats at high speedSo it is recommended for those who frequently save videos and music. First, copy the URL of your favorite video.

Next, launch Wondershare UniConverter and select the "Download" menu. Paste the URL you copied on the right side. When you do thatthe software will analyze the information of the video and give you a list of possible saving formatsSelect one of them. Then click theClick the "Download" buttonand the video will be recorded automatically.



Some people don't like to install software that is too heavy. In that caseyou may want to use a tool that can be downloaded onlinethat you can download online. One of them is this savefrom.net. When you access the site, in the box that says "Paste the link to the video hereCopy and paste the URL of the target Twitter videoin the "Paste video link here" box.

After doing so, click theClick the "Download" buttonon the right side. In addition to Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are also supported.



TWIVIDEO is alsofree online toolIt is a free online tool. Because the preservation method is simple, it will not be lost in the usage so much when it uses it for the first time. When the top page is accessedThere should be a box called "Paste URL hereshould be there. Let's copy and paste the Twitter URL you want to save here.

Then click theClick the "Extract" button.You can also check the ranking of popular Twitter videos. You'll also find a ranking of the most popular Twitter videos of the day, so you can check if there are any you want to save.


Official Website:.https://twsaver.com/ja/


Also here.A tool to save Twitter videos online.online. There is no limit to the size of the video, so you can save freely is the strength. It's also easy to use. When you access the site, a box will appear in the center.

Let's copy and paste the URL of the Twitter video you want to save here. Then there is it in the right side.Click the "Download" iconis all you have to do. Now you can download your favorite videos in versatile MP4 format.


Twitter has a variety of videos are uploaded, you may want to watch again and again. However, if you use the space every time you play the video, especially smartphone users are concerned about speed limits. If you download the videos to your device using the tools introduced here, you can watch your favorite videos offline anytime you want.

There are ways to save videos on your computer, smartphone, or any device. You can download videos in a way that suits you. However, please be careful about handling copyrights. Remember that you should only download for your own enjoyment.