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About Cinavia! Learn how to deactivate it and useful tools.

2021-11-27 / Ryo

Cinavia is a very powerful copy protection technology found on most Blu-ray discs and players.It is a very powerful copy protection technology.Content that is protected by Cinavia cannot be illegally copied or played on non-certified players.

On the other hand, there may be many people who have heard of Cinavia but don't know exactly how it works. In this section, we will explain in detail what Cinavia is, and also look at how to remove Cinavia and the software for removing it.

What is Cinavia?

First of all, let's take a closer look at what exactly Cinavia is. I already mentioned at the beginning, but Cinavia is used mainly for Blu-rayStrong copy guard technologyand was developed by Verance. It is an effective countermeasure against illegal activities such as filming movie screenings in theaters or on airplanes with a video camera, or copying Blu-ray data and uploading it to the Internet.

Cinavia's copy protection is based on awatermark embedded in the audio data of a video and a player that can detect Cinavia.watermark and a player that can detect Cinavia. For example, if you put a watermark in the data for showing in a movie theater, when you try to play it on a home player that is not designed for the theater, the player will detect Cinavia and prevent you from playing it.

From the perspective of copyright protection, the Cinavia detection function has been included in all players that can play Blu-ray as well as Blu-ray discs since 2012, and has also been adopted by game consoles such as PlayStation.

If you try to play Cinavia-protected content on a non-approved player, a warning message will appear on the screen and the audio will be muted or stopped mid-play. The same error message will appear if you try to copy the content to a non-approved device.

How to remove Cinavia

There are many kinds of copy protection.Cinavia is said to be one of the most powerful.The fact that it is embedded in the data stored on the Blu-ray disc, but also works on the audio recorded by the camcorder playing the video, shows how good it is.

However, this is not a problem at all when you play and watch Blu-ray for home use or rental on a home Blu-ray player.

Maybe some of you may think that you want to remove Cinavia or play Cinavia protected Blu-ray. In that case, you can try the following methods.

  • Play it on your old Blu-ray player
  • Edit the audio with an audio editor
  • Use software that can remove Cinavia

As mentioned above, the ability to detect Cinavia has only been available on Blu-ray players sincesince 2012.So, if your player was released before that, there is a possibility that it can play Cinavia protected discs. There are still some players that don't have Cinavia firmware, but they are very expensive.

Since the copy protection embedded in Cinavia's audio does not disappear even if the file is converted, it is not possible to remove it even if you edit the audio editor a little, but there is a non-zero possibility that you can remove Cinavia's protection by editing the audio. However, it will be tough for the person who is not accustomed to using the audio editor though it will not be impossible for the person who has deep knowledge in this field. If you are a beginner, it would be easiest to use a software that can remove Cinavia.

Software to remove Cinavia

In this section, we will introduce some software with the function of Cinavia removal, the number of software for Cinavia removal is limited, and they are mainly paid software.
However, the act of removing Cinavia's protectionThe act of removing Cinavia's protection may be a violation of copyright law and unfair competition prevention law.It is illegal not only to play a video with Cinavia protection removed, but also to copy it, even for personal enjoyment. If you use any of the software described here, please do so at your own risk and within the limits permitted by law.


Download page:https://ja.dvdfab.cn/all-in-one.htm?trackid=headmenu2


All you need to rip DVD and Blu-rayDVDFab12 is a collection of 12 popular DVD and Blu-ray ripping software.includes DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Remover, which can remove Cinavia embedded in Blu-ray audio data with little loss of audio quality. watermark embedded in Blu-ray audio data with little loss of audio quality.
Once successfully removed, Cinavia will not be detected by any player, even if the player's features are improved in the future. It is also available for Windows and Mac, so you can use it regardless of your operating system.

DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is also sold as a standalone product, but it needs to be used together with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper or Blu-ray to DVD Converter to remove Cinavia.to use it together withIt is necessary. If you want to buy the software separately, you need to buy one of the above three software before you can proceed.
The price of DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia remover alone is too high, if you buy it all at once with DVDFab12, you will be able to use it immediately and save more money than if you just choose the software you need.
  1. Buy, download and install DVDFab 12 (1-year and perpetual licenses available)
  2. Launch "Blu-ray to DVD Converter" or "DVDFab Blu-ray Copy" from the list of installed software
  3. Import the Blu-ray disc data you want to remove Cinavia to the software
  4. In the list of loaded audio tracks, find the data with Cinavia logo and click on the logo for a long time
  5. Click "Start" to begin the cinavia removal process.

Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal

Download page:https://www.leawo.org/jp/blu-ray-cinavia-removal.html

Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia除去

Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removalsoftware that can remove Cinavia from Blu-ray disc dataLeawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is also a software that can remove cinavia from Blu-ray disc data, and it is easy to operate with a clear screen. Moreover, it can remove not only Cinavia, but also other copy protections such as AACS, BD+ and MKB at the same time. If the removal is successful, Cinavia will be completely removed from the audio data and the audio quality will be maintained at a high level.
Just like DVDFab 12, there are versions for both Windows and Mac OS, so you can use it without stress.
  1. Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal (choose between 1-year license and perpetual license)
  2. Launch the software and select "Blu-ray Cinavia Removal" from the first menu that appears
  3. Click "+Add Blu-ray" on the top left corner of the screen to load the Blu-ray data you want to remove Cinavia from.
  4. Some titles will be displayed on the left side, select the one with Japanese audio and subtitles (you can check it with the preview function)
  5. After specifying the output destination, click "Cinavia" on the top right.


Download pagehttps://www.redfox.bz/ja/anydvdhd.html


AnyDVD HD is an easy-to-usesoftware to remove Cinavia from Blu-ray data and play it on PC.It is a paid software. It is a paid software, but you can use it for free for 21 days as a trial period. It is very convenient to run it all the time, so that it can automatically start to play and remove Cinavia from the disc inserted in the Blu-ray drive.
It is very useful because it will automatically start playing the Blu-ray disc that you insert into your Blu-ray drive.

Download and install AnyDVD HD (you don't need to buy it at the time of download because it is trial for 21 days)
When installation is completed, the logo of the red fox is displayed in the resident application list of PC lower right.
When you put the Blu-ray you want to remove Cinavia into the drive of your PC, the removal will start automatically.
When you put the Blu-ray you want to unlock into your PC drive, the unlocking process will start automatically.
Once you install it, you don't need to do any more detailed operations to automatically remove Cinavia from Blu-ray.

DVD-Ranger CinEx HD

Download page:https://dvd-ranger-cinex-hd.updatestar.com/ja


DVD-Ranger CinEx HD is thethe only tool that can remove Cinavia for a long time.You may know it, too. The official software is only available in English, but unofficial Japanese patches are also distributed.

Although DVD-Ranger CinEx HD can be downloaded at a low price, how to use it is complicated compared with other software, and after reading the data of Blu-ray, it is necessary to use it from the database in the software. After importing the Blu-ray data, you need to find the data of the movie you imported from Blu-ray in the database of the software.

In addition, unlike the other software introduced here, the sound quality after removing Cinavia will be lower, and if the movie has other guards than Cinavia at the same time, only Cinavia can be removed.

H2 Summary

In this article, we've answered the question of what Cinavia is and how to remove Cinavia.A copy protection to protect the copyright of the video stored on Blu-raySince 2012, almost all Blu-ray players have been equipped with the ability to detect Cinavia.

Last but not least, it is a violation of copyright law to remove the protection and still reproduce data that is copy-protected by Cinavia, and although we have introduced software that can remove Cinavia, it is intended for playback and we do not recommend that you reproduce it. You should always use them in accordance with copyright laws.