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Download streaming videos using Video Cyborg

2022-06-13 / Ryo

video cyborg

When I want to download streaming distribution easily, I tend not to know which application I should use. In such a case, it is convenient if there is a tool that even a beginner can download easily without using an application. Therefore, in this article, I would like to explain in detail about "video cyborg" that can easily download streaming distribution.

What is Video Cyborg?

video cyborg is a free download site that allows you to download videos from video sharing sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, vimeo, as well as social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

You do not need any application to download, and the advantage is that you can easily download as long as you have an online environment.

video cyborg allows you to download "m8u8" files, which can be converted to MP4 for easy viewing on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

What kind of files are m3u8 files?

I think it is a name that is not familiar, "m3u8" file is a file format mainly used for streaming delivery video, it is a text file that contains the playlist information.

It is a text file that contains playlist information. m3u8 itself does not contain any video files, but it is used to access the playback position of the video, and the playback of the next video or related videos on YouTube is managed by this file.

Apple's iTunes also uses this file to manage its playlists.

Features of m3u8 file

  1. Text files, no video files stored.
  2. Manage information such as video playlists, playback timing, and playback location.
  3. Commonly used in streaming video sites.
  4. Hardly used as a general format

Advantages of Video Cyborg

Even though there are excellent applications to download streaming video, there are several advantages to using Video Cyborg.

  1. Completely free and easy to download
  2. You can download videos not only from video streaming sites but also from social networking sites
  3. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use it on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  4. You can save videos in MP4 format with high definition quality.

The best thing about Video Cyborg is that it's free and you can download the videos you want without having to do anything else. I can say that it is the download method that I recommend very much for the person who wants to download the animation that I want immediately without doing a troublesome thing.

Disadvantages of Video Cyborg

Although Video Cyborg is full of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages.

  1. There are some sites that cannot be downloaded.
  2. It may become unavailable at irregular intervals.
  3. Depending on the device, there may be problems such as not being able to download or not being able to play
  4. You need to be familiar with PC and internet to deal with some problems.

On the one hand, it is free and easy, but on the other hand, it has the disadvantage of being prone to problems that are not normal. In addition, it will be difficult to download all the moving images in Video Cyborg because there is a thing that it becomes impossible to use suddenly. I recommend paid application and another download site if I perform a full-scale download.

How to use Video Cyborg

Here, I would like to introduce how to actually download a movie.

How to download videos from video sites

video cyborg 1

1. official websitehttps://videocyborg.com/aand click on "CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT". (Because now you need to create an account)

2. enter your email address and password to create an account.

video cyborg 2

3. when you see the above message, confirm your email address and log in.

video cyborg 3

4. after logging in, scroll down the screen and click "VIDEO CYBORG".

video cyborg 4

5. paste the URL of the video you want to download in the frame of "Enter the video URL/Link:" in the middle of the screen and click "DOWNLOAD VIDEO".

6. download the data to your desired location and you are done. (Please check the video to make sure it plays properly)

This time we have introduced how to download with a PC browser, but the operation is the same even if it is a smartphone or tablet. In the case of a smartphone, there are differences in some screens and usability, so it may be difficult to download without some knowledge.

You need to register your account for the first time.

How to download images from SNS

video cyborg 5

1. after creating an account, scroll down the top page to display the above screen.

video cyborg 6

2. you can download images from Instagram and Twitter. (I'll use Instagram for this explanation.)

Put the URL of the Instagram image in the frame and click "CONVERT INSTAGRAM POST TO IMAGE".

All images, comments, etc. that were displayed on Instagram will be saved.

When you want a cute image or a beautiful photo, it is highly recommended to save it as a higher quality image than a screenshot.

How to extract audio data from video in MP3

video cyborg 7

Video Cyborg allows you not only to download video data, but also to convert and extract the audio of the video to MP3.

video cyborg 8

1. click "MP3 CYBORG" next to "VIDEO CYBOGE".

2. paste the URL of the video you want to extract the audio from into the frame in the middle of the screen and click "CONVERT VIDEO TO MP3".

3. if the audio file is saved as "MP3 data", you are done.

There are a number of paid applications with audio extraction, but since it is free and can be saved easily and with high sound quality, it will be more advantageous to use this one in many cases.

I cannot download a movie in Video Cyborg.

In Video Cyborg, it seems to have downloaded the movie for the following reasons.

Video Cyborg often fails to load the "m3u8 URL".

Video Cyborg reads m3u8 files and video files from video URLs, converts them to MP4 format and downloads the videos, but it tends to fail if you try to download from an "m3u8 URL". Please make sure to copy and paste the "video page URL" when you download the video.

Encrypted "m3u8" file

Some m3u8 files are encrypted, and Video Cyborg will often fail to download them. Occasionally it is possible, but for those files it may be better to consider other downloaders or other methods of obtaining the video.

Not compatible with video sites

Video Cyborg supports the download of many video sites, including YouTube, but there are some sites that are not supported. If you want to download videos from these sites, you'll need to use a different download site or app.

If you can't download videos using these methods, you might want to use other apps or sites. The following section will show you some recommended apps that you can use instead.

Video Proc, a free app that replaces Video Cyborg

video cyborg 9

If I make full use of various methods but "cannot download animation", I recommend "Video Proc" that I can use for free.

In addition to being able to download the video easily for free from more than 1000 video sites, if you want to download various videos in earnest because it is more multifunctional than "Video Cyborg", this one may be recommended.

Features of Video Proc

  • It is possible to analyze and download videos from m3u8 URLs as well as video URLs
  • You can download in MP4, MKV, FLV, MP3, AAC and other formats
  • Edit video data (cut, join, double speed, GIF creation, effects, etc.)

In addition, there are many applications and sites suitable for the download of the streaming movie, but there are few things that can analyze "m3u8" file accurately, and there are many downloaders with little practicality. However, I can download most of the animation easily by using Video Cyborg and Video Proc, and it is highly recommended for the person who downloads animation for free.


In this article I have explained how to use Video Cyborg and the [m3u8] file. It is not likely that Video Cyborg can be used all the time because new efforts and protections are used in each company to prevent illegal downloads of streaming distribution. However, since there are many paid applications that are expensive, it is possible that there are more disadvantages when thinking in terms of cost effectiveness.

Because it is excellent as a site that can download a movie for free at present, how about the person who wants to download it for free first using it?