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How to Rip DVD of Dramas Starring Satomi Ishihara

2022-03-11 / Ryo

Satomi Ishihara's "Takamine no Hana" ended up with single digit ratings except for the very first and last episode. I guess the numbers aren't that unacceptable, but it was definitely a total loss for her. The reason why is because Ishihara, whom the enthusiastic fans loved, is a witch with devilish good looks and acting, who can stabilize the ratings in the upper 10% at worst.
This failure (can you say failure? After all, it was the setting of the super disparity and romance with that bicycle shop that caused the failure (after one episode or so) (And the disparity is too big!). Especially the face, are you trying to crush the audience? ). Ishihara, who announced that he was going to quit love dramas for a while after Takamine no Hana, retracted his words after this setback and showed his willingness to give it one more try. As enthusiastic fans, of course we applaud him and are waiting for his new work of revenge.
Well, since we will need some time before the new film, how about reviewing Ishihara's best three masterpieces and re-reading that legendary woman? So, what is the third best masterpiece of Ishihara …

Announcement of the third best masterpiece of Satomi Ishihara drama

1. satomi ishihara's masterpiece drama No.3 "5→9~I ni koi ni kita obou-san" Cast:Satomi Ishihara, Tomohisa Yamashita

石原さとみ ドラマ

Super quick synopsis:.The heroine, who dreams of living abroad, is getting popular! And somehow, a handsome monk confuses her into becoming a "temple wife" in this story. Confinement, tailing, public indecency, unpredictable romantic comedy, won several awards and is quite popular. By the way, the other guy, Yama P, played a monk named Hoshikawa Takamine, who has nothing to do with that abortive "Takamine" (Good luck, Yama P! Ishihara is on his own again).

Highlights:.First of all, many people were addicted to see the thick lips and erotic sexy looks of Ishihara Satomi in this movie, releasing them without hiding them. In this movie, I have heard some people who don't like Ishihara's fashion, but many people liked her as a woman who worked hard for her dream.

石原さとみ ドラマ

Furthermore, the couple teamed up with the rumored Yama P, and the two of them look good together no matter how you look at it, the interesting chemistry between the bottom-feeding family and co-workers is constantly coming out later. It's a great piece of eye candy as well as a great way to savor the drama story.

  At the end of the day, the drama is a drastic revision of the original story's characters, so fans of the original may experience some discomfort if they watch it. But I'm sure they'll be relieved to see that Bitch Junko has been changed to look like the lovely Ishihara.

With an average viewership rating of 11.7%, I'm chalking up "5→9 - The Monk Who Fell in Love with Me" as the 3rd best Ishihara masterpiece.

2. Satomi Ishihara's masterpiece drama, No.2 "Shitsuriki Chocolatier" Cast: Satomi Ishihara, Jun Matsumoto

石原さとみ ドラマ

Also a super brief synopsis:.A drama based on a manga. The story is about the main character, who has become a master of chocolate, also known as the "Prince of Chocolate", and is being pushed around by the woman he has had a crush on since he was 15. Of course, Ishihara Satomi plays the role of the strongest natural little devil who turns this man around. This drama also won several awards.

HighlightsFirst of all, it would be the delusion of Souta (the chocolate prince) that cannot be refrained from. From the very first episode, the delusional scenes that are exploding, the "heart-breaking and thrilling" sequences, and just one word from Ishihara, "I'm going to be attacked," is enough to make my nose bleed and I can't stop. (Matsujun's devil, Mr. Ishihara, what! That look in your eyes!

  Furthermore, it was Elena, played by Kiko Mizuhara, who turned this delusional boom into an escalator. I had a feeling that Mizuhara Kiko's participation would surely create a storm in this drama. However, I couldn't predict what made Souta's delusion even more inflamed. In order to prevent spoilers, I will just imply that you should pay attention to episode 3. (Mizuhara's voice is awesome too)

石原さとみ ドラマ

In the end, I think Ishihara's devilishness is a crucial highlight. No matter how much it's Matsujun, it's indeed mind-numbing to have his mind swept away by that Ishihara. From the second half of the drama, what is Matsujun's decision after being attacked by a mixture of delusion and reality? Why don't you revisit the DVD and see how the relationship with the runaway married woman turns out?

Want to download the movie of Satomi Ishihara?DVDFab Video Downloaderis your best choice!

3. Satomi Ishihara's masterpiece drama, No.1 "Rich Man Poor Man" Cast: Satomi Ishihara, Shun Oguri

Amazingly simple synopsis:.A love story between "Oguri Shun", a president who started an IT company at a young age and became a billionaire, and "Ishihara Satomi", a highly educated job refugee. It is Ishihara's masterpiece which was well-received more than the rating and won The Television Drama Academy Award.

石原さとみ ドラマ

Highlights.The drama was highly acclaimed and won many awards as a September drama that cut through the historical background of the time. The year before the drama was released, 2011, was the year with the lowest employment rate in Japan. It is not unusual for highly educated and talented people like those in the drama to be unable to get even a single job offer. However, it is also true that the number of IT companies with the younger generation at the helm is growing at a brisk pace and achieving great success. Unlike the previous September dramas, this work, which sharply cut into the social issues of the time, was highly acclaimed and attracted the attention of critics even from the first episode.

石原さとみ ドラマ

  Furthermore, the romantic drama set in an IT company opened in a novel way. Centering on a young president in his twenties who led a business from an old student center to a multibillion-dollar enterprise, the drama portrays the various personalities of an IT company. Needless to say, the acting skills of Oguri and Ishihara are as promising as ever, but the love story that begins in an unprecedented environmental setting is also something to keep an eye on.

  Lastly, Ishihara, who played this drama, was just 25 years old at the time and really cute as hell. With her sparkling eyes, pouty lips, and ever-changing facial expressions, she looks like she's about to die of a crush. You can see her in everything from job hunting suits to business suits, feminine office fashion, and dresses, and I think it's the perfect role for Ishihara.

  These are the best 3 masterpieces of Satomi Ishihara. Whichever way you look at it, it's a love drama about flirting with a handsome talented actor. If you want to watch those romantic exchanges again and get your heart pounding, don't you want to watch them all at once on DVD? But if you want to finish the dozen or so episodes of the drama in one go, you'll have to make time to savor it slowly to be satisfied. If you can extract the important parts and make it your own special, don't you think it would be the best choice? In this case, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best choice for you - it's easy, free and powerful.

Even though there are only a few devices that can play DVD discs, it is a very inconvenient format because excessive spinning of the disc in the drive may shorten its usage life.

DVD RipperWith DVDFab DVD Ripper, you can convert your DVD to video/audio files that can be played on any device, so that you can enjoy your favorite movies as you like without worrying about the damage of the DVD disc.

How to Rip Self Exclusive Ishihara Special DVD

  First, go to DVDFab's

home pagefromDVD RipperDownload the software and install it. (Sorry for stating the obvious …(○´w Translated)) After the software is ready, you can select the ripping option as the picture below. Insert the DVD disc into the optical drive, it will start to load the source automatically, and you can also add iOS image files and folders by clicking the "+" icon in the middle.

  Moreover, when the source is loaded, you can click the profile switcher on the left to choose the format you want to convert DVD to, there are many formats like MP4 that can be viewed on smart devices, you can choose the one you want. The important thing is that you can also edit the video and subtitle in the "Advanced Settings" so that you can extract your favorite parts.

  Finally, after you decide where to save the files, click "Start" button to start the ripping process. The progress of the process will be shown on the operation screen, so you can wait until the process is completed.

  The operation procedure is above. You can easily create your own special discs with a very simple operation system, please try it. The free trial period is 30 days, so don't forget to try it before it's too late.

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