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What is the appeal of the popular stop motion? Here are 7 apps that make it easy to shoot!

2021-11-27 / Ryo

Movies and dramas are so-called "watchable" videos. Nowadays, videos are not only enjoyed by watching, but also used in business scenes. By conveying the appeal of a product through video, the marketing effect can be enhanced. Among them, stop motion (time-lapse photography) is attracting attention as a "new technology that has been around for a long time". In this article, we will explain the appeal and usage of such stop motion.

    What is stop motion anyway?


    First, please watch the following video.

    Reproduce ONE PIECE's most famous scene 'Hirc's Sakura' Stop Motion Animation 'ONE PIECE Cry heart~'!

    This is a stop-motion movie that recreates a famous scene from the popular manga One Piece.The movie was released on February 21, 2014, 7 years ago from the present year 2021.It's a great movie. When you watch it now, it doesn't feel old at all.This is the reason why stop motion is called "an old and new technology"!Stop motion is a new technology.

    Stop motion started in France in the early 20th century.France in the early 20th century.in the early 20th century. The stop motion technique was used in some of the films made by French filmmakers. Since then, it has been used as one of the special effects in live action films.

    It is mainly used in the film industry as a method to move non-human characters. However, since the 1990s, the number of films using this technology has gradually decreased due to the increase in the number of films using CG.On the other hand, in the field of animation, there are still many works made with stop motionThere are still many stop-motion films in the field of animation.

    How is it filmed?

    The One Piece video above is anotheranimation work using figures.is one of them. We move the figure of the character little by little as the story progresses, andcarefully shot frame by frame.carefully frame by frame. In this way, the movements of the characters are carefully filmed andanother video processing software.We use a different video processing software. The quality of the video is further improved by inserting sound effects such as snow falling and guns.

    Why is stop motion used?

    There are several reasons why stop motion is used.ease".One is its "ease". You might think that the One Piece video above was shot on a large scale in a dedicated studio. However, if you want to shoot a short, simple stop-motion videoYou just need to install the app and you can make it!You can even make your own stop-motion videos with the app!


    Since the object to be photographed can be a small object such as a figureYou can take pictures without taking up much space.is also an attraction. In addition, the ability to create a strong impact on the video is also a big attraction.By shooting frame-by-frame, it is possible to capture movements that are normally impossible.In general, such shooting is not possible. In general, CG is necessary for such shooting. However, if you use stop motion, it is a different story, and you can shoot videos with strong impact without using CG at all.

    7 recommended stop-motion apps

    From here, we'll introduce you to apps that allow you to easily shoot stop-motion videos with your smartphone. There are some that are easy to use, and some that allow you to create professional-looking works with a focus on editing.

    Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion Studio" is a video editing tool forEven if you do not have the knowledge and experience of video editingStop Motion Studio is a popular app that allows you to easily create time-lapse video even if you have no knowledge or experience in video editing. There will be people who have problems such as "I want to make a video like the one I saw on YouTube, but it seems difficult and I can not get my hands on it. In that case, by all means, this is the app that you should try to use once.

    Start the app.Just follow the guide and take a picture to create a simple time-lapse video!. Even beginners can enjoy editing a full-fledged production by creating titles and adding sound effects. If you've ever felt that video production was a hurdle to overcome, feel free to give it a try.

    Recommended points

    • Even beginners can easily create stop-motion videos by simply following the guide and taking photos
    • You can check the preview as many times as you want and make fine adjustments while shooting
    • You can also create titles and edit sound effects to enjoy original video production with authentic editing.

    frame-by-frame recording (animation)


    It's difficult to get the hang of time-lapse photography until you get used to it, because you don't know how much you should move your character in the next frame.With "Komadori-kun", the previous frame can be displayed translucently.This allows you to move the character to the next frame. This makes it easy to adjust the position for the next frame. Another advantage is that it's easy for beginners to get started with time-lapse photography.Shooting is as simple as tapping the screen.just by tapping the screen.

    Also, for those who want to be more particular about the movement of the cameraIt is easy to make fine adjustmentsIt can be said to be recommended. If you want to move the doll and the figure more finely, as the image, by all means, please try to use once. There is also a free version, but the use of the paid version is recommended.

    Recommended points

    • The previous frame is displayed translucently, so it's easy to align for the next frame capture.
    • Easy to use, just tap the screen to take a picture.
    • Wide angle camera is also supported, so you can create videos with more impact.

    Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

    Life Lapse ストップモーションメーカー

    One of the purposes of making a stop motion video is to upload it to social networking sites and share it with everyone. For those people, "Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker" is recommended.Just connect the photos, you can make a video in a simple operationis a recommended point. And what can I say.The size change of nine kindscan also be said to be a strength.

    such as Instagram stories, TikTok, and YouTube.You can make a video for each SNS.If you plan to share the video you made with others, you can do so. If you are planning to share the video you made with everyone, please try to use it once. It's basically free to use.

    Recommended points

    • You can make a video of the size that fits each SNS post.
    • You can edit your video with a variety of filters.
    • Easy to use, even for beginners, with a full tutorial.

    Onion Cam2

    Onion Cam2

    When you actually take time-lapse photos, there are cases where you may want to make minor adjustments after shooting. Onion Cam2 has a feature called Onion Skin.You can display the last time-lapse takenOnion Cam2 allows you to The key point is that you can shoot while constantly making adjustments.

    You can delete or move frames after taking frames.and move frames after shooting. Fine adjustments can be made after shooting. If you want to produce a video with strong attention to detail that requires finer adjustment, please use this app.

    Recommended points

    • Use the "Onion Skin" function to proceed shooting while displaying the previously shot image in translucent mode
    • Create your own videos by deleting or moving the frames you've shot.
    • You can create as many as 15 projects, so you can create many stop-motion videos at the same time.



    When you hear the word "stop motion video", you often think "Isn't it difficult? Please try using this "GIFMob" for such a person.Simple and easy operation is the applicationand it has become a feeling of operation that even a beginner can handle very easily.

    As well as other apps, you canYou can display the image you took last time in semi-transparentYou can display the last shot image as translucent. It is also a point that it is easy to grasp the completed image of the video while shooting. You can use it basically for free, so it will be useful when you think, "Let's take a stop motion video first! and it will be convenient when you think of it. We recommend using this app as your first step.

    Recommended points

    • Easy to use even for beginners, you can make a video from a series of photos.
    • You can take a picture while displaying a translucent image of the last picture you took, making it easy to create a video that matches your image.
    • The frame feed speed can be changed to create a smooth movie.

    PicPac Stop Motion & Microspeed Photography

    PicPac ストップモーション&微速度撮影

    As you get used to producing stop motion videosyou may want to make a video with stronger originalityYou may want to make a more original video. For those people, we recommend "PicPac Stop Motion & Microspeed Shooting".By inserting titles and sound effects into the video, you can create more realistic videos.can be produced.

    It is possible to insert other images as well as captured images.It is also possible to insert other imagesYou can also insert other images. You can edit with a high degree of freedom. It is a point that can be used basically for free. When it is not enough just to shoot, let's try this app once by all means.

    Recommended points

    • You can create titles and edit audio, so you can pursue videos with more originality.
    • You can use other images stored in your device for editing.
    • There is a function to rearrange images, so you can create videos while making fine adjustments.

    Frame-by-Frame & Time-lapse Maker


    It can be even more interesting if you take a video you've already shot and turn it into a stop motion videoyou may be able to make it more interesting. The app you want to use in such cases is "Time-lapse & Time-lapse Maker".You can extract images from existing videos and connect them to create a stop motion video!You can also add music. You can also add music, so you can pursue more interesting videos.

    For those who are used to making videosIt is also useful when you want to edit the video you have alreadyIt is. In addition, when the stop-motion beginner, first try to produce a video in a trial by all means once, please try to install and use. You can use it basically for free.

    Recommended points

    • You can create stop-motion videos from your existing videos.
    • Recommended for those who want to edit existing videos to make them more interesting by adding audio, etc.
    • Save the hassle of having to shoot frame by frame to make a time-lapse video from scratch.


    When you hear stop-motion video, it may sound like a lot of work to make. However, by using the app introduced this time, even beginners can easily create a stop-motion movie. Because you can make a strong video of the impact of the more interesting, you will enjoy making more videos.