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I want to download a video! Here are 9 recommended tools and software!

2022-03-16 / Ryo

Nowadays, we can easily watch videos from Japan and abroad through the Internet. Some of them may be your favorite videos, and you may come across one that you would like to download and watch again anytime. Nowadays, there are various tools that allow you to download videos easily. Here we will introduce 9 of them, including 5 tools and 4 software to download videos.

5 Video Downloading Tools

First of all, we have picked up 5 recommended tools for video download. You don't need to install them, and you can use them only when you want to download. If you want to easily download videos to your computer or other devices, try the five introduced below.



2conv is a great service for people who want to drop videos easily. With just two clicks, you can convert your videos into popular file formats such as MP3 and MP4. It's easy to use, and the speedy conversion is the secret behind its popularity, with millions of people using it from around the world every day. You can use it immediately when you need it, because there is no registration process and no fees.

However, if the capacity is too large, it may take a long time or cause an error, so you need to be careful. If it becomes an error, you have to start over from the beginning, so it is quite troublesome. In addition, in the case of YouYube video, it can be said that it is unsuitable to download the work of a long time because it does not correspond to the thing of two hours or more.



KeepVid is the application that can download the file format such as MP4 and AVI, and supports downloading even in the video that is in the smartphone such as iPhone. This is also a point of recommendation where it is easy to use. I drag and drop the file of the download object or click the add button, select a file, and only push "GO" button. It is also one of the merits that it is possible to download it even if it is the one that the copy right is hung. However, please keep the copyrighted files for your personal use only. If you transfer or sell it, you will be caught by the copyright law.

However, this site is basically in English. If you are not confident in your language skills, you will have to use a translation tool. Some people may find that a little troublesome.



y2mate is a tool that allows you to easily download videos from YouTube and other sites. Just paste the URL of the video you want to download into the pink box. Or you can search for it by name. Then just click on the "START" button on the right side. Once you've analyzed the file, select the file format, click the "Download" button, and you're done. There is no limit to the amount of free files you can have. The goodness of the usability that can be used as much as you like is a recommendation point.

The only thing you need to be careful of is the fact that there are a lot of suspicious domains that appear on y2mate. The URL here is the one that ends with ".com". There are also other domains like ".info", ".ch", ".tv", and "mp3.com". Be careful not to access a fake one by mistake.



ytmp3 is a tool that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites by converting them to MP3 or MP4 files. It is available free of charge and can be used from a smartphone or tablet device as well as a computer. Although it is free, the quality is quite good. It is possible to download it in the picture and sound quality that is not so bad even if it compares with the original data. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL you want to download into the frame surrounded by blue at the top of the site, and then click the "Covert" button.

However, this tool, let's note that there is a restriction on the time of the video that can be dropped. You can only convert a maximum of 90 minutes. If you want to download a video longer than that, you'll have to use another tool.



offliberty is also one of the most famous brands of video download tools, often appearing at the top of the popularity rankings. The popularity of offliberty is evident from its past performance: over 114,000 likes on Facebook, over 8,000 followers on twitter. and over 8,000 followers on twitter. No registration or fees are required, and users love the ease of using the service whenever they want.

However, it can be said to be a disappointing point that one or two ads appear when you convert. When compared to other tools, the number is quite small. However, you may be bothered by people who think the ads are annoying. In addition, if you look at the word of mouth "takes time to convert" complaints were also occasionally seen.

4 video download software

There are various software available for video downloading. If you want to download frequently, it is a good idea to install a software. Here, we have picked up four recommended software, so please refer to them when you are lost.

1.Winx DVD Video Coverter

  • Price: Free
  • System Requirements: Windows 10 or lower
  • Free quota: Unlimited

winx dvd video converter

Winx DVD is completely free to download. You can download Winx DVD from YouTube, Nico Douga, Facebook, and many other major video sites.

The picture quality is certainly beautiful. However, it may be a flaw that it takes some time to convert. Conversion work is done first, you may want to devise a way to finish other things while you are converting.

2.Leawo Youtube download

  • Price: Free
  • System Requirements: Windows7/8/8.1/10/11
  • Free quota: Unlimited

Leawo Youtube download

Leawo is a software that allows you to download content from over 1000 major video sites, including YouTube. The strength of this software is that it can download high quality videos such as 720p and HD without degrading them. The satisfaction will be high even in the person who wants to be particular about the picture quality instead of merely dropping it to the personal computer.

However, it is a little regrettable that time is taken when copying it to DVD. In the case of a blank disc, it takes a little over an hour. Originally it is the thing which time takes to burn to DVD, but there was the impression that it takes slightly too even if I deduct it.


  • Price: from 2980 yen
  • System requirements: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP, Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Free quota: Up to 3 DVD discs


VideoSolo is another software that allows you to download videos from YouTube and more than a thousand other video sites, and it does so with great fidelity, even when it comes to high quality content such as HD, 4K, 5K and 8K. The interface is relatively simple, which makes it easy to use. The conversion speed is also excellent. It can convert up to 50 times faster, so you'll be able to download even the longest videos in no time.

The only disappointing thing about VideoSolo is that the output format is limited to DVD discs, folders and ISO image files. This is less than other major software. There is also a free trial version, but it takes longer to work with than paid software. If you want to use it in earnest, you might want to buy paid software.


  • Price: from 3980 yen
  • System Requirements: Windows 7/Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10*32bit / 64bit, Mac OS 10.6 or later
  • Free quota: 5-minute limit, 50 supported video sites


VideoProc is a video editing software that anyone can easily start using. There is also a free trial version available. There are restrictions, such as up to five minutes to download, but it is recommended for those who want to use it to try out the quality of how much. Not only the download, but also the conversion of the video and the audio file and the recording of the screen of the personal computer, etc., the place with multifunctionality is attractive. For those who do various tasks such as editing videos, you should check out this all-in-one software. Since it uses its own processing software, technology that does not put as much burden on the CPU has been introduced even for high quality video. As a result, we have been able to greatly reduce the conversion time. It is recommended for those who want to download speedily without waiting.

It is a disappointing point of VideoProc, but is it the fact that the support desk does not function very well? Because I did not understand the license code once, I made an inquiry. The reply does not come easily though the inquiry is accepted by e-mail. If something goes wrong, I have to look it up by myself on the net etc. and solve it by myself, so it is quite troublesome.


Videos that you upload on YouTube, etc., can sometimes be deleted. In the case of your favorite video, if it is deleted, you will not be able to see any more, which is a pity. If you download, you can watch your favorite videos whenever you want, even offline. As introduced here, there are various services that can download the video. Some of them are dubious sites, so you should actively use the tools introduced here. Why don't you try the free tools first, and then buy the software if you want to download in earnest? Let's enjoy it while observing the law such as the copyright law when you download the video.